History of the Czech company Langr a Vaníček

History of the Czech company Langr a Vaníček

In 1920, František Langer returned from Hlinsko, where he worked since 1906 as an administrator of the city power plant to his birthplace Nový Bydžov and together with his son started electrical engineering company LANGR and SYN - elektrozávod, meaning Langr and Son - electricians. The company sold retail wiring accessories, at that time wide sortiment of electric motors, household appliances and starting with sale of the lamp radios.The sidewalk in front of the store was first place in the city, where people firstly heard the speaker of radio broadcasting.

The main activity of the company were installations of outdoor secondary networks and house electrical wirings. In the twenties of the last century the company cooperated on the introduction of indoor and outdoor electricity distrubution to towns and villages around Nový Bydžov district.

The company was well known for its good quality job and goodwill. In those activities the company successfully continued untill the year 1950, when the company was nationalized by the political establishment and incorporated into the state owned company VČE in Hradec Kralové.

After the forty years ban of private bussines execution in the Czech republic, the company has been restored in 1992 by the grandson of the original owner with his family in the same core values and acitivities as it has had before with the name Langr and Vaníček - elektrozávod. The company start over again with the retail appliance store and installations of wirings. Appliance store is equipped by the wide sortiment of the wiring accessories and household appliances. The main acitivity of installations are wiring installations.

In the next years because of given the great development in the electrical industry and the introduction of new technologies from abroad, the company horizontally integrates new activities as installations of cameras CCTV systems, data network, smart home solutions, etc.